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The DLSIGS in National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University provides multidisciplinary education and aims to cultivate the future elites for biomedical sciences in the post-genome era. Students can apply for either the division of gene and development or the division of drug development and structural biology in DLSIGS according to their background. The features of DLSIGS focus on a modern and dynamic area that is highly relevant to the understanding and treatment of human diseases. The DLSIGS course has been designed, aiming to allow students to shape their subsequent studies towards five major topics of biomedical sciences, including molecular genomics, developmental biology, neurobiology, bioinformatics, and structural biology related to drug designs.

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Career / Future Development

In terms of further studies, most of the undergraduates and master's degree graduates can successfully apply to the advanced programs in well-known domestic and international research institutes. Most of the PhD graduates will apply for postdoctoral fellowships in well-known international universities or institutes, such as Harvard University, Cornell University, UCSF, Ludwig institute, etc. In terms of employment, most graduates work in biotechnology-related industries or institutes in Taiwan or abroad. The fields include biotechnology, medicine, agriculture, food, law, finance, environmental protection, advanced education, government departments related to sciences and patent law, etc. Moreover, our students can adapt to diversified development in their jobs and are able to use the science expertise they have learned.


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Bachelor’s Program: llou@nycu.edu.tw
Telephone:886-2-2826-7000 ext 65131

Graduate Program: pthung@nycu.edu.tw
Telephone:886-2-2826-7000 ext 65716